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Crystal Healing, Custom Jewelry & Gifts

Crystal Healing, Custom Jewelry & Gifts

Crystal Healing, Custom Jewelry & GiftsCrystal Healing, Custom Jewelry & Gifts

Our Story

New Beginnings...

Amali means 'my hope'.  And my hope is that you will discover an abundance of love and healing wearing and using my handcrafted products.

Every piece is unique in colour and pattern, using premium quality stones sourced from around the world. Each bracelet is made with love and is charged under specific moon phases to strengthen its healing properties and amplify the intention.

2017 was an extremely challenging time in my life.  Being exposed to brutal workplace bullying, harassment and abuse the year before, and starting the new year experiencing traumatic loss, a decline in health and new issues at the new job, set me on a deeper spiritual journey; discovering the benefits of meditation, crystal healing and energy therapy.

I had been introduced to crystals before but, as with all things, no discipline, no reward.  Once I was ready, I went back to crystals and started to purchase custom ordered bracelets with healing properties specific to my intentions.  My results were profound.  I felt the positive effects of healing crystals immediately and spent a lot doing it! It dawned on me one day; I should be sharing this journey with others and making it more accessible.  My mom handcrafted jewelry at one time.  Maybe I've got this gene too!

And so it was a new beginning.

Amali was founded in 2018 and it has given me so much hope.  Now I would like to share healing crystals with you and my hope is that they have the same powerful impact for you as for me.

I'm excited to see where this journey leads.